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How to be the mysterious Frank Gashumba

WHAT ABOUT? Frank Gashumba is not new on this page, but blame us not- the guy gives us lots to write about him. There is something about the businessman, Good Samaritan and political critic that many of us do not know about.

Everyone, grab your popcorn because it seems like we are in for a not so surprising sequel of ‘Frank Cons Again’. The social critic and political commentator Frank Malingumu (what a name) Gashumba was arrested again, citing allegations of impersonation, fraud and possession of drugs such as cocaine and weed. The latter being laughable because I personally do not believe drugs are his style and who saw the drugs anyway? It is funny how Sheilah Gashumba’s baby powder spills on the floor and people assume it is cocaine. How? The drug story is sheer bollocks.
The self-righteous motivational speaker and government critic has over the years garnered a mass following on his social media platforms for his scathing attacks on Sevo’s regime and his commentary on events happening in the country. He also loves to inspire the youth about creating wealth and empowering them to be better citizens. Gashumba speaks convincingly with facts, knowledge and just when you are close to investing your last coin, you wonder what this guy even does for a living? He is a businessman, mbu! Yeah, a businessman so ‘complex’ that he needs dozens of passports to carry around with him. Do we call him Malingumu, Ssenyondo or whatelse? It will be interesting to see how all this will end. In the meantime, if you carry one passport, you might want to upgrade to have any dreams of being like Gashumba. Copy more tips below.

Inspire the folks
With Gashumba you are either inspired to better your life or spend some time in jail depending on what you focus on. If it is the viral videos of his expressive rants that stimulate you, be ready to get angry with everything, your financial situation, your slay queen ways, Gashumba himself and pretty much the video too. That anger is what spurs people to think and change. Whereas if it is the numerous claims of his shady dealings that excite you, you are free to practise. In any case, jail has no entrance fee so express yourself as freely as you want.
If you find him admirable, you are not mad first of all and are completely normal for breeding such thoughts. You can be inspirational any way you know how. Humans are gullible so give them what to believe. Walk any terrain in Jesus’ cloak while stained in sin underneath and you can be sure that you will have some disciples follow you cluelessly wherever you go. Inspire them in good and bad. That is what we call diversity.

Identity Crisis?
I think we all go through times when we do not know who we are. You know that night where you are on a streak of bad decisions after some binge drinking and you completely do not recognise yourself the morning after. Alcohol is the devil, I tell you. On the real though, it is quite possible to live for so long without possibly knowing who you really are.
Sometimes you will find a chap calling himself Mase Kingz on Facebook and delude himself into believing that lie. Bro, your birth certificate says you are Masagazi, its time to wake up. Turns out Franco Disan Senyondo aka Frank Gashumba might be facing similar issues. The guy simply does not know who he is anymore so he apparently carries a bunch of passports with him.
To be like Gashumba, carry your identities with you in your passport. They might call you confused or a mufere, truth is, you are simply reminding yourself. Its for reference!

Be a shrewd businessman/tycoon
Frank Gashumba has hustled in this world. He came from humble beginnings (no one knows about), doing many jobs (no one knows about) to become well established in business (no one knows about). The kind of business he ventures into is beyond layman understanding. Do not ask many questions. Just know he works hard at what he does but if you are a foreign investor who wants to do business in UG, Frank might know a guy. Do not ask how. Quite shrewd I must say, huh. If you wanna be a top businessman like Frank, just have an office, be eloquent, position yourself strategically and simply watch your bank account bulge.
So folks, go be like Gashumba.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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