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Fashion is a cycle and the monotone look is not new on our style streets. This is probably one of the easiest trends that can be pulled off from the red carpet to the gym.


Possibly one of the easiest styling options to implement, monotone is one of those trends you can rock anywhere, anytime. If you want a dressier look, a street style look, or even a very glamorous look, you can be sure to achieve the monotone look. Here is how you can achieve this unisex look.
This look can be pulled off with many colours, although the pastel shades such as peach, and turquoise always work well for this trend. Other colours such as red, black, and even green would be perfect too.
For look one, you can wear your red bodycon, pair it with a killer pair of red heels and add a fur stole in the same shade to complete the look. The goal is to wear this shade, head to toe.

To pull off this look well, you may have to choose each of the pieces in the look in a varying tone of the same colour. For instance, if you are going for an all-blue look, have some of the pieces in the look deeper in shade than the others. That helps create the variation and in the end makes your look stand out.
If you feel you may come off a little overwhelming with the one head-to-toe colour scheme, you can switch it up a little with the accessories such as the earrings and other tiny details and have these in a shade that blends in well. For instance, to your all-green ensemble, you could decide to add little accents of gold to complete the look.


Monotone is one of those trends you can rock anywhere, anytime. COURTESY PHOTOS

Finding this trend
• You do not have to even go shopping for this, just find some pieces in your closet and put them together.

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