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Zanie Brown confesses to being teen mom

Zanie Brown during her muyaaye concert at Theatre Labonita. PHOTO BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI

A few years ago when Sheebah was trying to hustle her way into stardom, tabloids and online sites reported that she had a seven-year-old son that she was hiding from the media. She denied claims.
Not many people will publicly declare they were teen mothers but last Friday Zanie Brown had some secrets to reveal when she called her relatives on stage. Led by her father, Zanie’s brothers and sisters stepped forward in the company of a young girl, aged about 12 years.
While everyone thought the little girl was Zanie’s niece, she shocked the crowd when she introduced the young girl as her daughter. “Unlike other musicians, I am not scared of introducing to you my daughter,” Zanie said.
What started as a joke got people chanting and others shouting as the Yafuuka Muyaaye singer further revealed that she conceived aged 16. She was however tightlipped on who the father of her daughter was, saying she was saving that for another day.

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