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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

How to be the unapologetic Diamond Platnumz

DOING HIM: While Ugandans are busy sulking over Diamond Platnumz cheating on their beloved socialite Zari, the Tanzanian singer is going on about his business, the last mission being fetching Shs165m right under their noses.

Reknown Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz has quite easily become Uganda’s public enemy number one in just a short time. Not even a month has passed since he admitted on a radio station to siring a love-child with video vixen Hamisa Mobeto. Zari, the mother to his two children, and Ugandans were not amused. Apparently, Ugandans were so hurt by his cheating ways that they threatened to flog him at the KCCA festival. Clearly, we are quite the experts at not minding our damn business, no surprise there. From his flings with multiple women, you can tell Diamond literally does not wear the pants in his family or anywhere he sets foot.
Outside the bedroom, he has established himself as one of East Africa’s and the continents biggest acts for songs whose titles I struggle to remember, excuse my music taste! So big that he can command Shs165m payment for a few hours’ work in a country where he has a few hits to write home about. That is genius! To people like Gravity Omutujju, Diamond robbed Ugandans clean at the recent KCCA festival after his alleged payment was leaked. Anyway, to be like Diamond Platnumz, sip from your favourite idler’s cup.

Brand yourself
Diamond Platnumz has come from far surely. Check his viral pics before fame and you will see what money and God’s mercy can do. He looked miserable, to say the least. Diamond has proved to us that a Toyota Progrès can become a Mercedes Benz and it is only about perception. Bro, if your face looks like you walked out of a Hima Cement advert, there is still hope. Clear your Kaunda suits and invest in more stylish fitting attire. You might want to ditch your Kabwohe child-hood homies at your local bar and export the entire Kabwohe county in you to the more plush Serena Hotel. Who cares that your tongue weighs a tonne in Runyankore-inspired English? Posture yourself as classy and refined and you will be treated as such. Brand yourself well and you might land yourself one of those stunning light-skinned uneducated belles from Jinja. They live for such people.
Do not let a humble background define you. Always remind the peeps you studied with how far you have come. You can brand yourself on any budget. It does not matter if you are suffocating on a bank teller’s salary or selling cassava in Nakasero market.

It is said a man is only as faithful as his options. Being Tanzania’s most decorated artiste, Diamond Platnumz is sought after by promoters and fans, many of who are ladies. The ladies love him and he loves them back quite generously. A moment of silence to anyone reading this who is struggling to get their texts replied by his crush. Hang in there bro. For Diamond, money and fame have helped out a lot in attracting some beauties such as Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobeto and former Big Brother Winner Dillish Mathews, among many others. Too bad your bank limits you to the likes of Hasfah, the airtime seller in your neighbourhood. Things get worse when the Hasfas of this world ask for “time to study you”.
To be like Diamond aka Chibu Dangote, confuse the entire female specie with your play-boy stunts. While the Zaris might be out of your league, look around. Your next crush could be on the next rolex stand or taxi stage. Levels!

How Does He Do It?
Diamond Platnumz has always left people wondering how he does it. He does not have so many hit songs but somehow always wins every award he is nominated for, rakes millions of views for his videos, has four million Instagram followers and this time round, sneaked into Jennifer Musisi’s fat purse. Just how does he do it? For crying out loud, I do not even find him extra-ordinarily talented. Our very own Geosteady floors him for talent, I believe.
Well, no one knows quite how he does it. You could do the same. Work silently and let your success scream. Problem is we work in rumours and expect to succeed somehow. Some people even spend a lot of time discussing the Diamonds (don’t mention my name, okay?) instead of working.
To be like Diamond, have a secret plan that works for you and go by it. The guy came and collected Shs165m from his in-laws’ house without questions and tenants such as Gravity can only wonder how they missed their chance. My only advice is “always stay woke” and look for opportunities. So guys, go be like Mr Chibu Dangote himself

Twitter: @InK_era35

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