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Singer Spice Diana beaten at City carnival

Spice Diana on her sick bed at Malcolm Hospital in Kibuye, off Entebbe road. COURTESY PHOTO

Different Celebrities like attending city events in big numbers and with them are always the manager, dancers, ‘bouncers,’ DJs and other hangers-on.

While at the Kampala Capital City Authority Carnival over the weekend, one of the singers, who was seen in the company of many people was singer Spice Diana.

Spice who attended the event with a groupie didn’t like the outcomes of the Carnival although others got back home safe and others with their valuables robbed by the group of Kifesi boys that were waiting for people out of Police vicinity.

Police beat up spice Diana, after she performed at one of the stages at the event. She was moving to another stage because the carnival always has more than three stages.

A source only identified as Ivan says that while on her way to the BBS Terefayina stage after performing at another stage, Spice Diana and company wanted to forcefully use a route that Police has blocked people from using, regardless of status.

“The route from the main stage at the railway grounds past Nkrumah road Police, was blocked and revellers were supposed to use another route. But she wanted to forcefully go through that particular gate. Thus Police bundled he up alongside her groupies,” Ivan said

In an attempt to cross over, Spice and the group tried fighting with one of the Policemen and injured his nose. This later forced the Police officers to go rough on the whole group with the rest running away to leave Spice Diana who was badly beaten by Police.

As you read this, the singer spent the whole of the 55 years of Ugandan celebration (read Independence) on a sick bed at Malcolm Hospital located in Kibuye off Entebbe road.

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