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Salvado abandons Alex Muhangi for brother

Salvado Idiringi was the MC

A few weeks ago, Comedian Alex Muhangi announced that he was leaving Diners Lounge, where he has been hosting his weekly comedy show dubbed Comedy Store. When Muhangi left, he moved just a few metres away – The 400. When he left, he took along his head of security, Dixon Okello.
Muhangi leaving Diners did not mean the comedy night would die too. Thomas Arube, who is Salvado’s young brother and Comedian Ronnie Mcvex took on the comedy at Diners, only renaming it Diners Comedy.
In a statement before the show, Comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi said he did not have a problem with any of the organisers because the one at Diners was his brother and the one at The 400 was his best friend. The comedian promised to attend both shows.
Last Thursday, Comedian Salvado was seen at Diners Lounge in the company of his wife Daphne and while everyone waited for him to show face at The 400 as he had promised, the self-proclaimed Man From Ombokolo was a no-show. Uhhhm, I guess it is true what they say, blood is thicker than water.

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