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Mariachi Squeezes tip from UBL boss

Comedian Mariachi’s jokes left the audience in stitches

Comedian Charles Kasozi aka MC Mariachi has a tendency of getting money from the audience and on most occasions, he even gets much more than what he was paid. But last weekend, that was not the case as he was in for a surprise at the UBL offices when he received probably the least amount in tips in the history of his career. The comedian, who was invited to entertain employees as they celebrated five and nine years of No Lost Time and Accidents respectively, did a good job of cracking people up.

However when he sighted Shane Healy, the supply director of the brewery, Mariachi thought his day was done. He directed his jokes to Healy but the big man was unmoved. It was then that he turned to the audience and asked a volunteer to tip him 10k and dared Healy to double the amount. One guy gave him the 10k but the top guy did not double. Mariachi tried every trick he could think of but wapi. It was only after he had given up that he was finally given a 50k note. Ecstatic, the comedian told Healy that he was going to give him his mother’s number so that he could become his step dad. Lol, the things 50k will do!

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