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Zanie Brown comes of age

SHOWTIME: You will recognise her from the song Friendly Match featuring Ziza Bafana, Yafuuka Muyaaye or Sijja Kulya Mukyaalo, and after five years of hustling, Zanie Brown feels she is ready for a concert.

You are always in and out of the country, how long have you been here?
I have not been travelling so much because I have been preparing for my concert Yafuuka Muyaaye happening tonight at Theatre Labonita.

So what are you always doing out of the country?
I have a home in the UK and in South Africa but when I am in other countries, I am always on business trips. I do my personal businesses that I would not want to disclose to anyone yet.

After five years in the music industry, why a concert now?
You cannot join the industry today and have a concert tomorrow because there will be nothing to offer. Besides, my fans have been asking me for a concert since last year and I think I am ready to give it to them.

How ready are you?
I have been rehearsing for the last four months and I am sure everyone who will come through will enjoy and get to know Zanie Brown even more than they did.

Why did you decide to call the concert Muyaaye?
Yafuuka Muyaaye is my latest song and I have realised many people love it. I decided to name the concert after it because it is also an inspirational song.

We know Balaam bought the concert. How much did he pay you?
Promoter Balaam gave me very good money but I do not want people running to me for money so I will not mention how much he bought the concert. He bought all the concerts because I will not only be at Theatre Labonita but at Freedom City on Saturday and Georgina Gardens in Kasubi.

Many did not know Zanie Brown until the song Friendly Match with Ziza Bafana, where were you?
Many people say so, but I disagree. My first song in the music Industry, Gyemukweka from 2012, was a hit and it introduced me to the music industry. I did Friendly Match with Ziza Bafana two years ago.

Do you write your own songs?
I know how to write but I only write a few songs. I have a songwriter called Grace Morgan who lives in the UK. He has written most of my songs. When I am set to write, I derive my lyrics from the environment and people around me.

Do you find a problem when some fans confuse you for another singer called Zanie Lady C?
Many people have the same names so I do not find it a problem. All I know is that we differ in lifestyle and the style of music we do.

What inspired the name Zanie Brown?
My real name is Zanie Namugenyi so Zanie comes from my first name then Brown is from my skin complexion.

There are many good female artistes in the country, where do you stand?
I am in no competition with anyone, so I cannot say I am the best or the second or even the last. I do not release music on pressure like other artistes. I look for what my fans want and I am sure it is what has tried to keep me on track.

What is your take on the music industry since you joined?
The Ugandan music industry is steadily growing but we still lack one thing; identity. When a Nigerian song is played, you will know it is a Nigerian song. Ugandans can only achieve this when they believe in themselves. I have been to different countries but you will not find Ugandan music being played regularly.

What do you think can be done to achieve that?
Local media has failed to help and promote Ugandan artistes. They praise international artistes and embarrass local artistes in every way possible. One example I can give is that internationally, when Beyonce is doing well in America, the people in the UK will not sit back, they will push Adele to Beyonce’s level and that is what we have failed to do here.

What don’t we know about Zanie Brown?
Zanie Brown is not only a singer but a farmer too. I love money and doing charity. I am in a happy relationship.



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