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Geosteady: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, watch me

THE DEBUT: Last Friday, musician Geosteady, real name Julius Kayiza, had a concert at Imperial Royale Hotel. It was his first show, and like any artiste, he was nervous. Worse still, it was at this venue that self-proclaimed dancehall king, Cindy had failed to gather half the crowd she expected. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with Geosteady on his first concert and what lies ahead.

Congratulations upon the success of your maiden show. How does it feel, having pulled it off?
I feel so excited and I feel that my fans love me so much. This is evidence that I am on the road to success in the music career. This has been one of my dreams and it was a pleasure and an honour to garner a big crowd in a venue people did not expect me to fill.
Did it surprise you that you filled the house, considering it was your first show?
It did not surprise me because I had the music and it was the right time for me to stage a show. On the other hand, I was surprised because we had a big venue which people are not so used to. So I was surprised that my fans paid to come and watch me perform.
You returned from the UNAA Convention in the US straight to a concert. When did you rehearse for the show?
I rehearsed earlier before I went for UNAA and even after. So, it was just the perfect timing for me and my team.
What was the highlight of the show?
People filling up the venue, people singing along to every song, My dad coming through yet he never goes to shows. I saw very many people; friends, family I never expected, people buying my CDs and tipping me. It was really nice.
Was that the reason you broke down at some point as you performed?
Yes, I was filled with so much love. People were dancing to my music. Those I knew and those I did not. When we are writing songs, we do not expect such things, so I could not help it.
You also changed clothes thrice. Were you making a fashion statement?
I had to because the show was too lit. I had more than 20 songs to perform and I needed breaks; I could not come back on stage in the same sweaty clothes and I needed to keep it professional.
What could you have changed about that night?
I think I would enlarge the venue because it was filled to capacity that we had to send some people upstairs.
Was the success of the show a sign that you have arrived; to hold concerts every year?
It will depend on time and the songs I will have that year. It is not nice to have shows without music because at the end of the day, we are not looking for money but building a brand.
You have been in the game for six years. What took you so long to stage a show?
I wanted to have a marvellous concert and trust me, I did. I wanted my first show to be a success.
Cindy had a show at the same venue the previous weekend. Why do you think she failed to fill the same venue?
I think my adverts were good, I have music that has been trending; it was my time.
Did every invited artiste turn up?
Most of them did, and for those who did not, I cannot blame them because the concert was ‘Geosteady live in concert’. So,whether an artiste turned up or not, Geosteady still had to deliver.
We saw Gravity, Naira Ali, A Pass and Spice Diana in the audience. Why weren’t they given chance to perform?

Geosteady on stage with Charly & Nina, the Rwanda duo with whom he collaborated on the Owooma hit song. PHOTOS BY Michael Kakumirizi

I think they came to listen to my music. That was also support because a picture of an artiste in the audience means a lot to me.
After this success, is Geosteady going to change?
I think Geosteady has changed in many ways, especially fashionwise. The videos are going to be of quality because that is what the audience deserves and wants to see.
But people have been dancing to your tunes.
True, they have been dancing to my music but what I will be delivering from now onwards, they will be breaking – not dancing. I promise quality!
How come you have had quite some hits in a short time?
I am a hardworking man, I take time to produce my songs, but most of all, God guides me in everything I do.
Your song Owooma has done great. What is the story behind that track?
The story behind the song is in the lyrical content, the audio production, the guitar, the video and the voices behind the song. There is nothing more to that.
Is the title Owooma meant to be mischievous?
I do not think so, because Owooma means you are sweet. It depends on where you decide to use the word.
Because of its success, should we presume it is your best song ever?
My best song is Tokendeza. Because I feel the lyrics, I sang real love. Its lyrical content was so mature, it comes from the heart and the writing was on point. Its rise however, surprised me because I thought it would take long to appeal to people.
Would you say the song Owooma has done better than Same Way?
Yes it has. Same way has hit in Uganda but Owooma has hit in Uganda, villages of Uganda, Kigali, villages of Rwanda and many other places.
How did you connect with Charly & Nina (featured in Owooma)?
It was through their manager Alex. I met him in Kigali, we became friends and he linked us up.
Who do you wish to collaborate with next?
That will depend on the track I will jump on because I already have a song with Navio, so I always choose an artiste according to the time, style and so many other factors.
What next for Geosteady?
A lot; audios, videos and so on.
How would you rate yourself on the entertainment scene?
I think I have a number I do not know. That would be a very good question to the fans.
In your view, who are some of the best artistes in Uganda right now?
Jose Chameleone, David Lutalo, Bebe Cool is consistent, Ykee Benda, Fik Fameika, Juliana, Fille and I am doing better.
What do you think of the Ugandan music industry?
I think the competition is within the talent. If you have talent, you can make a lot of money in the industry. The industry is growing.

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