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Salvado, Ray Supasta in social media fight


He is arguably Uganda’s biggest comedian, but it looks like some people do not seem to buy what Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi sells. Among those is entertainment blogger Ray Supasta, who recently engaged in a cyber exchange with the comedian.
The dramatic exchange began on HairbyZiwa’s wall following a post by the hairstylist about Dave Dash’s situation. The former NTV and Radiocity presenter is reported to have lost his mind to drugs, and Ray Supasta had no kind words for him. While defending Dash, Salvado tagged Supasta in his reply and that is where the war ensued. Long story short, the conversation drifted to Supasta accusing the comedian of recycling jokes and stealing Mariachi and Kapale’s jokes which he translates into English.
In retaliation, the ‘Man from Ombokolo’ replied that the comedy Supasta was dissing was what was taking him around the world, and in fact he was typing his reply on his way from Nigeria where he was invited to perform.
The fight stretched to another day, with Supasta mobilising cheerleaders to gang up on Salvado but by the end of it all, the beef was squashed and we see the blogger getting free tickets to Man from Ombokolo Season 2.

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