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Four One One

How to be the persistent Raila Odinga

NEVER GIVE UP: You can liken him to our own Kizza Besigye because it looks like the two were cut from the same cloth. Raila Odinga’s yearn for Kenya’s presidency is ever raw. With each year he fails, he will stand up stronger and more determined to find his luck.Roses are red, violets are blue and Raila Odinga just won’t stop running for president. Some things never change. The four-time Kenyan presidential candidate has made it a habit to run for presidency and so far luck has not been on his side. This time round, however, Raila has a remote chance of being president after the Kenya presidential results were nullified. If you have done a retake paper at university for failing (many of you have), you must admit that it is never the same. Doing the first one is bad as hell, the second even more demoralising. And also, no one is given the luxury of failing retakes at will. You are simply disqualified and told to go home. Raila has brought the same fire and verve to each “retake” paper, no matter how many times he fails. He always returns like an irritating fungal rash to make a point. How is that for motivation?
The son of the Kenya’s former vice president Jaramogi Oginga Odinga has been in active politics for more than 30 years and recently served as Prime Minister in the coalition government with President Mwai Kibaki. However, he feels he is not done yet. If you want to be like Raila, your favourite idler has gotchuuu with some tips:

Raila Odinga is not in the business of quitting. His dreams of becoming president remain as valid as ever. Just like his comrade Kizza Besigye, they hang onto every stroke of hope there is to become presidents of their country, regardless of what election results are thrown at them. First of all, they diss the electoral system but still take part in elections anyway (I do not get the logic).
After elections do not go their way, they cry to the world about how they were robbed. They run to their respective judicial systems that they claim are unfair, but somehow expect miracles. When their appeals are thrown out, they cry like babies before they concede defeat quietly and painfully. They are guaranteed to show up again at the next presidential elections like resurrected cartoons. It is a cycle of sorrow. You cannot deny that they try and are ready to bring a challenge.
Bro or sister, never back down from a challenge. The journey to your dream job might require you to make your face visible and knock until they hear you out. If they chase you, show up again tomorrow with a different story. Annoy them to submission.

Be a man of alliances
Raila Odinga is a strategist and has made quite some alliances to push his political agendas in the past. One thing is for sure, he is always willing to strike a deal. Can such people be trusted? That depends on you. It does not matter if you go way back with Raila or you hooked him with a sandwich when he was hungry, he is willing to strike a deal for as long as it benefits him at that moment.
Look around you, that dude laughing at your jokes, always drinking your expensive beers could leave you for the guy offering keg and you wonder how he stooped low. Nah bro, people are looking for convenience. Do not tell them your “back when we were young” storoz.
You wanna be like Raila Odinga, be willing to link up with the devil for as long as it benefits you. Forget the peeps that you grew up with in the struggle. It does not matter if you go to the same kafunda, attended the same schools or your wives shop from the same place. Be ready to ditch that bromance for a juicier deal with the shady neighbour. There is no love lost, it is just business.

Be mysterious
Raila Odinga is as mysterious as they come. You just never know what tricks he has up his sleeves until he strikes. If you want to be Raila, keep the people guessing. This would be hard because Ugandans never know how to keep things under wraps. They want to announce to the world on social media how they woke up, call a press conference when they begin to date and want to organise a concert everytime they achieve things. Keep your business to yourself and you will remain one step ahead of the pack.
Well, that should help you. Go be the next Raila Amollo Odinga.


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