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A Pass moves with his own microphone

A Pass is weird! Anyone else agree? I mean, how else would you explain someone appearing on TV with an umbrella and sandals, claiming he had a Shs2m haircut, and showing off a metallic necktie at an event?
Now we hear that A Pass moves with his own microphone to events. During the launch of Sunset Casino on Buganda Road, Singer Lillian Mbabazi, who was booked to perform, asked A Pass on stage to perform their collabo Memories. As he stepped on stage, A Pass was seen removing a small gold-coated microphone, which he replaced on the mic stand. After the performance, A Pass removed his microphone and left the stage.
When we talked to A Pass to understand what was up, he said: “That is me, I am A Pass, this is how I like to do my things.” I guess the next time you see A Pass wearing his boxers on the head, please do not ask questions, just lie low.

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