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New wavy eyebrows freak out the internet

While Kampala slay queens are still struggling to draw the bold eyebrows, Instagram bloggers have gone two steps ahead. We are not about to catch up with them. ‘Squiggle’ or wavy eyebrows are the latest trend in the makeup world, after feather brows popped earlier this year.

This new trend may leave you shocked or intrigued, as it has already done to many folks on social media. It’s all about creating a wiggly line instead of that defined arch. But this new trend is freaking out tweeps.

“Ladies, your eyebrows are supposed to be on flick, not on life support,” a comedian says in a video tweeted by @youngprince. “You are looking confused and puzzled at the same time. Now, you are like a life support machine.”

“Those squiggly eyebrows look like those seaweed mustaches from sponge boB,” @squishbangtan

Squiggly eyebrows are never going to be a thing. Please stop,”@eviekohart24

What started on Instagram and twitter moved to Ugandan Facebook pages and WhatsApp group chats. On Fresh Peaches, a fashion group on Facebook, some fashion lovers brushed it off, while the daring ones said they would actually try it.

“Thank God I have never been the girl who jumps onto each and every trend wagon! I still find it hard to believe I have never ever worn ripped jeans in my life. Now these wavy brows?!  The devil is a liar,” said a one Maura Kay.

“Some of us are still learning the old one and now this,” Doreen Sandra Lopez.

“Looks like the trendy brow when you are going for swimming. Nanti waves all over. Nay,” Olive Yemi Eyotaru.

“Looks like she’s frowning at 4 things at the same time… Every wave for a different frown!” Dorine Banya.

“Noooooo,it’s like having a baby snake instead of eyebrows,” Vivienne Sarah.

We’re not really sure if the look is wearable outside of Instagram, but one thing we’re certain of is that this won’t be last strange beauty craze of the year.


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Four One One

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