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“I’m never going to use drugs again,” Dave Dash swears

Zziwa takes a selfie with Dave Dash in the background. Courtesy Photo

“Proud. I am proud of myself, mostly because I wasn’t forced to come,” were the first words Dave Dash said to Zziwa, a famous hair stylist, when he visited him in Rehab in Entebbe.

Dave Dash checked in rehab at the beginning of this week. He told the stylist that his meltdown was a result of depression, after working for many days without getting adequate rest.

According to Zziwa, the former Radiocity presenter looks very much in shape and enthusiastic. Besides that, Zziwa also narrated how Dave Dash promised never to use drugs again because he now understands the risks of using them, which is the first step to healing.

Just like Dave, Ziwa was also in rehab for abusing drugs and consuming alcohol a few months back so he knows exactly the situation he’s in now.

Dave Dash was seen running naked on the street of Kampala last Monday, convincing everyone that he had run mad.

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