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Cindy sheds tears at show

Many artistes would like to have at least one successful concert in their musical career and if you are an artiste who has been around, doing good music and with a great energy on stage, you kinda have a bit of confidence.
Was this what was happened to Cindy ahead of her show last weekend? Uhhhm, we do not know, but truth is the attendance was disappointing. It was in fact, depressing, so much that the king – as the singer refers to herself, broke down in tears. By 9.30pm last Friday, half of the Imperial Royale hall was still empty. Ten minutes later, the ushers instructed people upstairs to move and fill the seats downstairs but the difference was the similarity. Like other musicians often do, Cindy who was in one of the rooms sent out one of his aides to keep updating her on the attendance and every time she returned, it was bad news.
It was then that the Still Standing singer started sobbing like a child. Not with all the efforts she had put into making the event bloody! It took the entire team of back-up artistes and dancers to calm the singer down and convince her to step on stage. After the show, we were convinced that Cindy may not be staging a show anytime soon.

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