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Who knew there were still some kind souls out there!

It is true that Good Samaritans still do exist. In a country where we are used to having so many ugly things happening to good people and everyone being okay with it, it is okay to be suspicious of everyone around us.
The other day on my way home, I got a flat tyre as I was driving along the northern by-pass. All other cars drove by as I paced around left, right and centre trying to figure out my next move.
In that mix I saw a rather suspicious man walking towards me and my heart dropped to my heels as I started to wonder what it was that he actually wanted.
In clear reflex action, I dashed to the car and locked myself in. I said a little prayer and even repented of all my sins. To me, it looked like Judgement Day had arrived.
Well, this man stopped and knocked at my window while assuring me that he was here to help. Apparently he had been following closely as I drove because he was convinced I was going to the petrol station.
Oba the last line even got me more suspicious. I panicked more and remained locked up. Tired of explaining himself, I guess, he started to walk away. It was then that I realised my dilemma and why it was important for me to take the risk since I needed to be off the road. If you have driven along the northern by-pass, then you know what I am talking about.
I gathered myself, walked out of the car and he asked if I had all the required tools. Long story short, he changed my tyre and fixed the spare tyre, before walking off. I thanked him and even offered him some money to appreciate his kindness.
As he made his way, I thought to myself; “Good Samaritans still exist huh?” I mean, with the way people are getting robbed, drugged and murdered, we still have some good people that will help a stranded lady by the road and walk away without even stealing a pair of earrings or demanding for money. I was touched. I prayed for blessings for these kind souls and thanked God for ensuring that some of us keep the hope alive through such touching experiences.
I know there are many such people out there and as we hope that one day those who sleep day and night plotting to tarnish life’s good moments through theft, rape, murder, name it get nabbed, we do not forget to be careful.
Now let’s all go out there and offer a helping hand, and if it comes our way, we appreciate it!

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