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Young Achievers Awards in pictures

Singers Mun G and Naava Grey perform their song titled Champion during the Young Achievers Awards gala night at Kampala Serena Hotel. Their collaboration inspires self-belief that no dream is too big and if you dream so can you achieve. Photo by EDGAR R. BATTE

On saturday evening at Kampala Serena Hotel, young people were recognised and awarded for outstanding efforts towards self-development and contributing to community development. Below is a list of winners

Humprey Nabimanya, Team Leader at Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU), poses with his family on the red carpet during the Young Achievers Awards ceremony on Saturday evening at Kampala Serena Hotel. RAHU are organisers of the awards. Photo by EDGAR R. BATTE

Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde, chief guest at the Young Achievers Awards, pays attention to the proceeding of the gala night. She was the recipient of the ‘Star Hall of Fame Award’ for being instrumental in shaping the future of the awards. Photo by EDGAR R. BATTE

Activist Rubaramira Ruranga pays attentions to proceedings at the Young Achievers Awards at Kampala Serena Hotel on Saturday evening. The HIV/Aids activists was one of the special guests, recognized for his efforts towards creating awareness and sensitizing the populace about the scourge. Photo by EDGAR R. BATTE

Ricky Rapa Thompson, the winner in the category of Business of Young Achievers Awards, gives an acceptance speech. He is a former Askari (watchman) at one of the hostels in town, has ridden Boda boda and one of the co-founders of SafeBoda, an umbrella organization for professional Boda boda (motorcycles) riders. Photo by EDGAR R. BATTE

NTV Uganda’s lead reporter Raymond Mujuni, one of the nominees in the Media and Journalism Excellence category of the Young Achievers Awards, listens attentively to proceedings of the awards. Mujuni has excelled at investigative and data journalism. Photo by EDGAR R. BATTE



*Farming and agro-processing; Zilla Mary Arach, co-founder of the Lacel Technologies

*Social entrepreneurship;  Muhammed Kisirisa, Executive Director of Action for fundamental change and development -Media and Excellence; Ronald Wandera, founder

*Innovation & ICT; Gerald Otim, Chief Operations Officer & co-founder of Ensibuko

*Creative arts (arts, music, fashion, film, and photography– Milege Afrojazz Band

*Fashion; Brian Ahumuza of Abryanz Collection

*Business; Ricky Rapa Thompson, co-founder, SafeBoda

*Sports personality– Jacob Kiplimo, athlete

*Sports personality– Jacob Kiplimo, athlete

*Hero Award; Professor Peter Mugyenyi, medical doctor, researcher and promoter of accessible and equitable medical care, and chancellor of Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)

*Lifetime Achievement Award; Ali Mafuruki, chairman, CEO Inftech Investment Group Ltd

*StarHall of Fame Award– Amelia Kyambadde, for being instrumental in shaping the future of the Young Achievers Awards (YAA).
Overall Young Achievers Awards; Zilla Mary Arach, co-founder of the Lacel Technologies.

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