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Cindy puts up energetic performance despite low turn up

By the time Cindy took to the stage at 10.20pm to perform at yesterday’s show, at Nile Hall in Imperial Royale, the hall was not full. But the welcome she received from the crowd spurred her on and she gave an energetic performance. Some of the other performances were by Eddy Kenzo, Dina and Mariachi.
Even though by the end the crowd had not been sizeable at the Uganda Waragi sponsored show, Cindy showed she was a great stage performer.

Make-up gone wrong


Kenyan musician Dufla Diligan performs for the crowd

Kenzo was there to support and called Cindy Uganda’s Beyonce

Kats having a word with Dina the Luganda singing German

Comedian Mariachi’s jokes left the audience in stitches

Sheila Gashumba did not miss the show


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