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Roger Mugisha and Ellah live it up!


We have seen relationships start from just a scene in a movie and if what we saw at Blankets and Wine was anything to go by, then we might get Uganda’s version of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Roger Mugisha and Stellah Nantumbwe.
What with the co-stars being all over eachother, smitten like a high school couple? The two, who act as a couple in the Second Chance series, spent the entire day and evening wrapped in eachother’s arms. In fact, Ellah was at some point seen resting her head on Roger’s shoulders.
We know for a fact that Ellah is not dating anyone (if so, not public knowledge), but Roger was recently introduced by his fiancée and the couple have a 10-month-old baby.
Maybe we read too much into their affection on display but who knows, maybe it was a message they wanted us to read into. We apologise if the scenes at the event end up as scenes in the series. lol

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