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Mariachi apologises after Muzaata threats

Shiekh Nuhu Muzaata is one of the most outspoken Muslim clerics in Uganda. He says it as it is and he has crossed paths with politicians, musicians and socialites but there is one category of people he had never attacked – comedians (well apart from Mubarak Munyagwa).
But over the weekend, Nuhu Muzaata came out and warned comedian Mariachi to stop involving Islam in his comedy skits otherwise he will regret why he has been doing so. The Head of Dawa in Uganda blames Mariachi of ridiculing the Islamic religion and called on the comedian to stop doing so or otherwise, he will be dealt with accordingly. He did this during the celebrations to commemorate the return of Prince Nuhu Mbogo Kyabasinga from exile about 122 years ago.
“Unless you have beefed up your security, I will deal with you accordingly,” Muzaata warned in part. “Even if I were to be taken to police, I would still stand by what I have said. When it comes to Islam, I’ll protect it with my all.”
The threats indeed got to the comedian who came out two days later and apologized to the Islamic community.
“My parents, brothers, sisters and friends in the Islamic community, I apologise for wronging you in anyway. Please forgive me where I went wrong because you are my fans and I’m your comedian,” he said.
Can we trust a comedian to keep his end of the bargain? Your guess is as good as mine.

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