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Should Danz Kumapeesa be discharged yet?

The state in which music producer Danz Kumapeesa is in is alarming because he can’t speak, feeds only through a tube and can’t do anything on his own. Dans’s skull was removed because it was damaged by the thugs who beat him up and left him for dead.
With this situation, Nsambya hospital wants to discharge him so that he can continue receiving treatment from home but in his condition, should he be away from medical attention?

Danz Kumapeesa owes Nsambya Hospital Shs 20 million. Could this be the reason they want to discharge him?

On a bright side, responding to a photo that was circulated on social media yesterday, Bebe Cool has donated shs5M towards this bill and also challenged his fellow counterparts Jose Chameleon and Bobi Wine to come forth and help the producer.
SK Mbuga although still ill from the bike accident, he managed to send in shs3M which leaves a balance of 13M.

A fundraising car wash was organized for the producer sometime back but only shs7M was collected and according to what we received, a concert is also going to be organized for the producer who is behind hits like ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’, ‘Musawo’ and ‘Magic’ among others.

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