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Four One One

Bad management killed my music – Landy

Living for music: Juicy Landy rose to fame in 2013 with the song Kumbaya, which he composed with Jose MC Da virus in Masaka. The two were once an incredible duo but parted ways two years ago to start solo careers. However, the 23-year-old singer’s music hit a stalemate. BRIAN MUGYENYI caught up with him to find out what’s up.

You have been away from the music scene. What happened?
A series of changes have occurred but I have been watching the music industry and looking at how things are being done.

Who is Juicy Landy?
My real name is Frank Walugembe. I was born in Kibinge Village, Masaka District. I am an R&B singer and song writer.

How did you join music?
It all started when I was in Senior Four at Mbuye Farm School- Kyotera, where I started composing songs. I was the entertainment prefect so I would organise gigs and back up the performers.

What schools did you attend?
I went to Kalinabiri Nursery School, Masaka Police Primary School and later joined Mbuye Farm School but dropped out in Senior four.

There was a time you almost became a duo with Jose MC Da Virus.
Yes. That was our plan too but things turned out otherwise. Jose needed to seek a new challenge and decided to sing alone.

You guys had become a household name in the southern region, how did you do it?
We were bonded by talent. Jose is an artistic rapper and I have good vocals. We were a good team and people called us The Radio and Weasel of tomorrow.

So do you see each other?
We sometimes meet at music events and we say Hi to eachother. But we are all moving on well and there is hope that we could make other songs together.

What are some of the songs you have so far composed?
They are many. But my first composition was Ani Yaleeta Love, which was recorded at Shs100,000 by producer P-Vibe of ScopionRecords – Nyendo in Masaka. I also have a single called Merisa.

What are some of the songs you composed with Jose?
The songs were many but it was Kumbaya that undoubtedly brought us to the scene. The ladies loved that song a lot. We also did Chamulawo, and many more.

What are you upto now since you let down Masaka?
I am not the only musician in Masaka. We are many but personally, I could blame my collapse on poor management. I had a manager who failed to market my brand, so I fired him.

So are you managing yourself now?
That is true, but I am looking for a serious manager.

Do you have any new songs?
I have a lot of fresh songs with the latest being Tuuzi Twansuwa, although we have not released videos yet. I have a collaboration with Ssekiwunga Brian aka SK Brian. The song is called Sikukoowanga and it is doing well on air. It was recorded at Double P-Touch Studio in Masaka Town.

But where did you pick the inspiration from?
Eddy Kenzo. I fell in love with most of his songs, especially the one he started with.

Have you received any accolades from your singing?
I was only nominated in the HiPiPo music awards for the category of Best Artiste in southern region in 2013. That alone proved to me that I could win more awards if I perform well in future.

You mentioned that you are a song writer.
Yes. I have written songs for many upcoming artistes and already established artistes, for example I did songs for Henry Mutaawe, Shillah Ssekyanzi and I am currently writing a song for Evelyn Lagu.

What does it take to write a good song?
Courage, creativity and commitment. These 3Cs means a lot to me. At times you may realise a song deep in your thoughts when you are even at work, a bar or even in some hopeless places. Music is funny!

So how much do you charge if you are to compose songs for other people?
You cannot set a fixed price. You only learn how to deal and negotiate with people. To me, it is all about knowing what the artiste wants and then we negotiate.

What is your take on the state of Uganda’s music industry?
The industry is evolving day by day. We used to be with that fallacy that it is only Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine leading it. But my friend, things are changing, and very soon we the youth will be at its apex.

Who is your best musician in the country today?
Chameleone has remained my best. He is not as active as he was but he is still is my favourite.

Besides music, what else do you do?
I have a bar in Ssaza Trading Centre, Masaka, so I spend most of my time there if I am not swamped with music shows.

What words do you have for your fellow upcoming artistes?
They should learn to take risks because nothing ventured is nothing gained. Thereafter, discipline comes in. You have to remain humble. Lastly, when you are in music, you have to invest but still chances are high for you to earn both financially and materially.

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