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I also helped Danz but didn’t find it proper to publicize – Nwagi

The fact that Danz Kumapeesa played a big role in her music career, Winnie Nwagi has come out to announce that she also supported the producer of her two hit songs.

The Swangz Avenue artiste has earlier today come out and said she has also contributed a lot to his treatment only that she didn’t publicize it like some artistes. To our knowledge, this is a reaction to Bebe Cool’s early video that he posted while donating Shs 5M to Danz’s mom in front of cameras.

“I personally reached out after the news of the incident broke and helped in a way I could at that moment. I didn’t stop there, a couple more times together with Swangz Avenue we offered some help to the family and the organizers of the different fundraising activities that have been going on. We just didn’t find it proper to publicize whatever little help we offered a friend,” she said.

Also calling on people to keep supporting and thanking everyone who has offered support to a friend and a very talented young man.

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