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Connie Tiffs

Concentrate on the logs in your eyes

A hypocrite is someone who conveniently forgets their faults to point out someone else’s. Now am I the only one who sees everything ‘right’ about this definition? Do we all not hate the sight of hypocrites especially since we can find them anywhere and everywhere?
Just the other day over lunch, two ladies strolled by, looking happy and above all clearly comfortable in their skin. Frankly if you asked me, if everyone had stuck to minding their own business, everything would have been perfect.
Well one of the ladies was a plus size – very well endowed with some good flesh on her body. The other lady was quite skinny. Both were evidently happy in their own skin.
Unfortunately when this duo strolled in, all heads turned and immediately started talking about them, made all sorts of comparisons and nasty comments. Oba there is nothing as annoying as hearing murmurs all over the place with everyone pretending to be talking about something else yet deep down inside one knows whichever little conversation going on is about them huh?
Why do some human beings have to be so heartless? Why everyone else found it necessary to scrutinise these women’s sizes and assume this and that beats my understanding.
I think society needs to understand one thing. That not everyone is uncomfortable being well endowed. Not everyone has weight and self-esteem issues that capitalise this class of people. That some people are very comfortable being ‘big’. That they are as confident as it comes as far as their weight goes. Celebrated super model Tyra Banks is one of the few celebrities that have received all sorts of negative comments when they gained weight. Fortunately for her, she had the guts to combat all the negativity and prove to everyone that she was okay with her new body weight. International music artiste Rihanna, too, is happy putting on the weight she wears lately and goes ahead to make trending fashion statements in her new skin.
My point, can the hypocrites stop pointing at specks in other people’s eyes when they could have logs and logs in theirs? Society needs to stick to minding their business and leave the rest entirely to the concerned parties. These two ladies were fine the way they are. The same way many people can be when out there. So let us not judge, and create topics of discussion that just waste quality time, you know?

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