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Bebe Cool gets American and French ambassadors to sing his songs

French ambassador to Uganda Stephanie Rivoal on stage with Bebe Cool

Singer Moses Ssali populalrly known as Bebe Cool on Friday night got American Ambassador and French Ambassador to sing during the celebrations to mark the anniversary of storming of the Bastille at the French Ambasador’s residence in Kitante.

The ambassadors emphasised the need for cooperation for progress of their nations and Uganda. Bebe Cool made them sing along to his songs on freedom.

Comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi gets cozy with Partner Sharon during the French Bastille Day celebrations at the residence of the French ambassador in Kitante on Friday.

Fireworks were also displayed to the amusement of the guests who included Ugandans, French nationals in Uganda and missions from other foreign communities.

The French Ambasador Stephanie Rivoal and the US Ambassador Deborah Malac sang along to Bebe Cools music during the celebrations held celebrate the Storming of the Bastille in France. The theme this year was 1936 revolution. French residents in Uganda, invited guests and politicians dressed in 1936 gab characterised by berets and fancy dresses and danced Java, a dance popular in the 1930s. The evening was an affair of French meat cuts,dessert  and wine. Guests dances to variety music from different parts of the world, a true symbol of the unity that Ms Rivoal emphaised in her speech.

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