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B2C manager eyeing Radio and Weasel?

The collaboration between Radio and Weasel and the B2C boys took everyone by surprise because as far as the entertainment industry is concerned, the two groups have never been seen rubbing shoulders.
After their collabo, Gutamiza, a song whose audio and video were released in just one week, rumour now has it that the B2C manager Andrew Mugerwa, known to many as Andy Events is in talks with the Goodlyfe to merge them with B2C.
Andy Events however said the rumour just came up when the two groups worked together. “Radio and Weasel is the best duo in the country so far and no one would not want to work with them, I would take them on if I wanted but they have their own plans and perhaps, they are signed under another management,” Andy said.
Andy Events has been managing and taking care of B2C ever since they joined the music industry and they have recorded hit songs such as Njabala, Nyongeza, Tokigeza and Nkwagala among others. The group comprises of Mr Lee, Bobby Lash and Delivad Julio.

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