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How to be…the virtuous Barbie Kyagulanyi

THE ROLE MODEL: Call her the Ghetto First Lady but Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi is a woman you want your daughter to look upto. Besides being a great pillar for her husband Bobi Wine’s success, Barbie has been so many inspirational things to girls with her various projects as well as the cord that ties her family together.

Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to the in-coming Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine has been instrumental in his campaign trail, appearing at many rallies to canvass votes for her man. And oh yes, he won by a landslide. This victory has been labelled as her masterstroke by many, considering that she has always been by his side supporting him in his music and recent political endeavours.

Many years ago, the church girl fell for an odd-looking dreadlocked upcoming ragga artiste in the mould of Bobi Wine and there was not just love in the air. There was smoke too, a lot of it. The kind that could have made the church girl run back to her parents’ home in Ntungamo but no, she stayed just like she has always done. She accepted him in his purest form; Unkempt, dangerous and unwanted. The decision that was resisted by her parents, friends and relatives seems to have paid off.

Bobi Wine went from the struggling musician who had all the odds stark against him to become a bonafide star with massive popularity for his music. Together they have children, have amassed wealth and become the new “IT” couple of politics and showbiz.
Women like Barbie are a dying breed. You know the kind of chicks to sniff potential off a rug and stick by it. Chicks these days run away from guys who cannot afford to buy the cocktails they too cannot afford. SMH! Mbu they do not want a guy who smells like six months unpaid rent. Well, learn from Barbie’s story. To be like her, here are your favourite idler’s tips.

Be A Go-getter
It would be unfair to use Bobi Wine’s achievements to describe Barbie’s. This lady is a social worker, author, business woman, farmer among other things. She slays with positive deeds not with Instagram filters and shisha pots. She is also not your typical-artiste’s wife who is around to sit pretty and be bought “weekly knickers”. She has kept herself busy even when she did not have to. Ladies, get off your lazy butts and go find yourself a job. Having a wealthy man should be a bonus not your sole meal ticket. Rich guys dump some of these girls and they become instantly unrecognisable because they banked on them for everything. Be a goal-digger not a gold-digger. Be of value to yourself first before we think of caring about you.

That Ride Or Die Chic
These ones probably went with the Nokia era. She saw in Bobi Wine what no one did. They saw a ghetto hoodlum and she probably saw a father, husband and a leader. Insane right? Anti “inner beauty”. I am sure the “Kagoma” hitmaker simply rode his luck knowing she was miles out of his league and lived one day at a time. She has stuck by him through it all and Ssentamu loves it. Just check his kilometre-wide smile. His grin says it all. Having a chick to embrace your flaws these days is close to impossible. They do not want to hear your problems. If you tell her you have not paid your landlord for over a year, she will scatter. Poor girls cannot tell that God is preparing your breakthrough with a few set-backs. So what if I cannot clear the bill at a restaurant? Do not act judgmental. Pay this time and I will pay when I get big. It is a matter of faith.
To be like Barbie, just hang in there. That ka man you despise could be the next big thing so support his hustle or his idea. Cover your nose if he smells like debt but do not let him go.

Exemplary Family Woman
If social media is anything to go by, she loves her family. Forget that sometimes social media can be deceptive. She genuinely looks like she has a good head above her shoulders in terms of looking after the people around her, especially family. You can just tell a messy home from a picture. Always look for that child with a facial expression saying, “How did I get here?” Well that is not the case in the Kyagulanyi household, at least from what we see. She looks like she has a strong grip on her family. To be like Barbie, it is time to ditch that shisha life and go put your family in order. Do not let Guvnor be your home. Go home, sweetheart. Well there you have it. Go be like Barbie!

Twitter: @InK_era35

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