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The acute angle: Massa’ never ending troubles

Former Uganda Cranes captain, Geoffrey Massa has seen days, literally. Remember how you guys bayed for his blood at the recent AFCON qualification campaign, calling him old and useless. While he was not particularly useless, he was largely pedestrian during the entire campaign. The pressure was so hot on his heels that he just had to retire. Well recently, he was shot at by the police near the Namboole bridge for suspiciously speeding off when police confronted him about parking late at night. He was with a unknown lady. He suffered minor injuries while the lady had a bullet tear through her buttock. Yes, of all places. During that bizarre moment, he knocked a bike and an electric pole. Of course there is no surprise about what the Police did. They are just a bunch of trigger-happy people. They lack sense of judgment and are thin on professionalism.
But honestly, Massa has had misfortune follow him for a long time. His club career too has been quite underwhelming of recent. He has switched teams lot without ever settling down. This guy could have lost his life in a flash. Anyway, it turns out the guy’s car was seen shaking suspiciously according to Police. It also turns out there was chic who is not his wife in the car.
Poor Massa got the shock of his life and had to speed off prompting Police to shoot at him. I find it very difficult to feel sorry for Massa because a person of his social-standing should know better. If you are eating side stew, you do not do it on the road-side. If he was not respectful enough to stay faithful, he could have been respectful of himself to do it out of sight. Do not get me wrong. I do not condone cheating. Have some shame and go far away. I guess the demands of the flesh can be rather tempting, for him atleast. I guess we bring misfortune onto ourselves.
Just when you thought the Massa shooting story was enough, the petty world of social media went after his purported side chic and dissed her for not having side-chic-esque qualities.
That she was not eye candy enough to die for. But honestly some Ugandans have no chills. And so what if she was not pretty? The guy made his choice. People need to learn to chill.
The former Cranes striker certainly did not hear the end of it with memes being made about him and his apparently not-so stunning belle. Massa has really hustled in this world. Let us pray for him.


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