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It is all about learning how to dance during a storm- Zari


City socialite Zari Hassan has proved to all that doubted her strength that she is indeed a great woman with a strong character.

Amid all the fracas of losing her ex-husband and negative press, Zari has posted a stunning photo of herself on Instagram, captioning it, “It is all about learning how to dance in the storm” and in another post, she wrote “It’s called MANNING UP!”.

In the picture, the mother of five was clad in a blue embroidered kaftan dress. By the look of things, ‘the boss lady’ is already back on her feet and ready to face the world like she has always done. Unlike the somber mood that she was in just a week ago, in the photo Zari wore a warm face and struck her signature bosslady attitude.

The photo excited her social media followers as many praised her for staying strong and looking good, while others asked her to work hard and put her family together.

“I really love this, most times we focus on closed doors and miss out on open doors, well done honey don’t just dance in the rain, walk on water as well, it’s time to put your family together and face the future,” read one of the comments.

Well, though Zari looks to be moving on steadily, we don’t know how the late Semwanga’s family is interpreting her quick recovery. Rumour has it that some of the Rich Gang boss’ relatives were interpreting Zari’s ways as not being bothered.

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