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I am attracted to Peter Miles and Navio – Sarah Zawedde  


Sarah Zawedde during a radio show at 93.3 K-fm. Photo by David Kugonza

Sarah Zawedde may not be the artiste of today – let’s be honest and remember the last time she had a hit song….uuuhm sorry we can’t remember any of her hit songs. We bet many millennials can’t even tag a face to the name. Zawedde’s stint in the music industry lasted as short as it started before she decided to drop the solo act and set up a band.  The Kambere Nawe singer made a surprise appearance at the KFM studios last Friday. And here is how her quickfire with James Peterson (JP) of the Gold Certified K-Drive went.

JP – Sarah, do you have a man?

Sarah – (hesitation) Yes

JP – Do you have children of your own?

Sarah – ….no but I saw a story in the papers recently saying I am wasting my eggs, Kale it wasn’t nice at all.

JP – Yeah I know, comeon people be nice. So which artistes do you have a crush on?

Sarah – …..Hahaha. Uhhhhm, I don’t have a crush on them but I like them. I hope the wife doesn’t get angry with me. But note that I don’t have a crush on them, I just like their humility (typical of girls, sorry women, when she is denying she likes him). I like Peter Miles and Navio.

There it is, Peter Miles songea front line and Navio, please don’t let your wife find Zawie.


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