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DJ Shiru fired from Laftaz Lounge

DJ Shiru

In not less than a year, DJ Shiru mentored and introduced DJ Fikie into the entertainment industry. And like the student who later outshines his teacher, Fikie has steadily found ground in the deejaying business.
This, however, has apparently not impressed DJ Shiru and the two have reportedly been at loggerheads. According to sources close to the two DJs, Shiru has not been in good terms with Fikie and claimed that the latter was not respecting him anymore because he thinks he is now big. And indeed Fikie was fired from Shiru’s music group, Music Permit, although the young DJ claims he has never been signed under Shiru but was only working with him.
When Laftaz management noticed the bad blood, they decided to let Shiru go. Now the veteran disc spinner will relocate to Club Ambiance in Mengo where he will be playing every Friday.

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