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‘It is not easy crating fresh jokes’

Chiko (L), Madrat (C) with their fan Ibra whom they shared time with.. PHOTO BY Isaac Ssejjombwe

RIBCRACKERS: Madrat and Chiko have been doing comedy together for eight years now. But since they got to Kampala four years ago, their careers have grown. They shared their journey with their fan Ibra.

Tell me about yourselves?
My stage name is Madrat but I was born Dickson Lubega and my colleague is Frank Mubiru. We have been doing comedy for the last eight years only that we count the four years we have been in Kampala. But we still stay in Mukono and we will never leave that place.

How did you two link up?
(Chiko). We have been friends for a very long time. We were both in the same group called the ‘Harvesters’ where Madrat was a DJ and Chiko was into drama. We used to do our shows at Colline Hotel and in schools. Seeing that we had a lot in common, we entered into promotions and traversed the whole country. We realised our goal, doing sketch comedy.

If you Chiko had remained in drama, where do you think you would be?
I would not be anywhere because as I speak, the group still exists but our colleagues are still where we left them.

And Madrat, had you remained a DJ?
Because I had a name back then, I think I would be somewhere, not badly off and not bigger. I quit deejaying because it was delaying my ambitions.

Where did the idea of comedy come from?
(Chiko) When we started performing at promotions. We both used to hold microphones and do our own stuff besides the scripts we were given. The bosses were always impressed with what we were doing only that they payed us little money. We were three but unfortunately our friend passed on in an accident in our first car. He was travelling with Madrat.

It seems Madrat and accidents are synonymous while Chiko is not anywhere when that happens. Don’t you travel together?
I have also been asking myself that question. Why doesn’t he answer the question himself? (Madrat) we were riding a rally car (Jeep) and I was the co-driver, so on our way back, a Harrier just entered the road and knocked us. It is fortunate that I had my seat belt on.

Eight years! What have you achieved so far?
(Madrat). The greatest achievement is the friends we have. When I was involved in the accident, two ambulances came on the scene from Kampala to Masaka. We did not call them but up to now we do not know who did. Then in hospital, all the bills were cleared. That aside, we believe our first concert next month will be the greatest achievement in our career. We have always admired celebrities but now we are among them.

Why a show now?
Truth is we did not want to rush. We did not want to put our expectations high because we feared we would be disappointed. The past years have helped us know the market and people’s expectations. Comedy is different from music where you could do the same song over and over without people getting tired but with comedy, you cannot crack a joke in different places and expect to do the same joke at your big show.

Does this mean you will not be repeating the jokes you have been cracking?
(Chiko). We have been doing comedy for close to five years. Some jokes are outdated, however good they are. For example, there are some jokes we did during campaigns that are no longer applicable. Ninety per cent of the content will be fresh.

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