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How to be…Bobi the ghetto gladiator

MUSIC TO POLITICS: His music may not be at the top, but Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine has built a name out of music. Today he is identified more as an activist than artiste and it is probably a foundation he has been laying for his political career. Be like him.

Celebrated musician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is in a hotly-contested race for the Kyadondo East MP seat and reflecting on his journey makes me quite amazed. Who recalls the Bobi Wine of 2005? This guy was high on just about everything. High on life (that trademark bounce of his haha), on his music (baddest musician of that time), and also high on some plants whose name you can all chorus in your heart. Oh yes, he was also high on the mere thought of nemesis Bebe Cool. Nothing got Bobi Wine physically and emotionally charged like mocking and fighting Bebe Cool. He was obsessed with him, to the point of addiction. The two gave us quite a show back in the early 2000s and if the two were not fighting, they were fighting.
Bobi Wine on his days off, tried to sing and when he did, he won hearts with his social-conscious music, nail-biting lyrics and his larger than life star persona. To see him pursue political dreams doesn’t really surprise me but it actually amazes me at how he has transitioned smoothly over time. There is still hope for a bunch of you bad boys to stop being attention-seeking rats and pursue purpose in your lives. If you want to be like the “Bad Man From Kamwokya, here are your idle man’s tips( Follow them at your own peril).

Muntu W’abantu (man of the people)
This guy just understands the people. He is probably the guy you want to tell the deepest secrets about your wife or girlfriend. Yes, even how she snores terribly with her mouth open in the night. You get my point? If you ever want to know the kind of love people have for Bobi Wine, just engage your boda guy and trust me you will see how emotional he gets. Bobi Wine’s relationship with the ordinary person exceeds Telenovela stuff. He has always spoken to them through his music and the community work he does. He is their guy. Too bad none of your neighbours can look you in the eyes. I know some people with spiteful neighbours who go at lengths to steal their towels when they are showering just because of beef. The devil is a liar, I tell you!
To be like Bobi, try to be a son of the people. Talk to them and listen to them. Involve yourself in activities of the community and be recognised for good deeds. Don’t be the guy that sneaks into the area at night to hide from your landlord. That is cowardly of you and the only love you will be guaranteed is from your mother. Stand warned.

Be a hustler
Maybe it is something he got from his humble beginnings in Kamwokya but yo, this guy can hustle. The money he has made from his music has been invested wisely in many projects such as farming, a beach, a commercial building, among other things. On many occasions, he has been seen giving advice to children in the ghetto on how they can turn their lives around. If there is anything I know you can’t teach many Ugandans is how to hustle. It is no surprise that we have been ranked as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Maybe this bloody economy shapes you to become creative. You will find a guy who is suited for a corporate job during the day and a vegetable vendor in the evening. There are also a few who go to Kayanja’s 77 DOGS hoping for miracles. Well, you are doomed. Guy, get off your lazy butt and start hustling. Don’t despise jobs. If you fear to get your hands dirty because of your new nail polish, trust me, poverty is ready to wash your hands clean. Start small. You could go from pancake seller to tycoon overnight. Hmmmm sigh at the stories motivational speakers tell us. But you get my point?
To be like Bobi Wine, you have got to work hard but also work smart.

Be a family man
From what social media shows us, this guy loves his family. His wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi always has her smile. Don’t give me that jazz mbu social media love is a lie. So what do you want me to do? Camp in his house? Ohh plizzzzzzz! Let’s work with what we have, yeah? Cool. Back to Bobi Wine. The guy tries. His children are always flashing that wide smile their father bestowed upon them.
To be like Bobi Wine, do everything he shows us on social media. Take family pictures, and another thing, take more family pictures. End!
Well there you have it. Go be like His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganja, Bobi Wine (wait, does this country still exist?).

Twitter: @InK_era35

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