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The acute angle: That Kokoonyo kind of love!

If you come from my world where “I Love you” texts are replied with “Thank You” or essays professing love on WhatsApp are blue-ticked, you will understand why I loved the Angella Kalule semi-sextape (or whatever you want to call it). That is the kind of love we are looking for but certainly will not find in the “Slay Clan”. The moralists can go sit in the corner. No one wants your opinion. Imagine the storm in this country if all our phone galleries were exposed. We all have some kind of dirt, so judge not.
So back to Angella. Did you see those dreamy eyes? Nothing wrong with that, I must say. Her tone; calm and suggestive. Still nothing wrong that either. Her choice of words. Beautiful for a few selective ears. Still nothing wrong with that. Her boob? There was everything right with it. It was the most beautiful thing to see for the one person it was specially directed to, her hubby. No one else.
For as long as that video was meant for her hubby, I am happy with it. It makes me happy that people are trying to make their relationships work regardless of distance in the best ways they know how. I also know videos are a risky bet for celebrities and even for ordinary folk like us, but I am only glad people are trying.
I do not want to slut shame Angela Kalule who has always tried to carry herself in a more than respectable way. There have been people accusing her of trying to pull off a publicity stunt but I think all the attacks have been in the heat of the moment and partly because sex tapes have become some sort of phenomenon here in Uganda. I understand their frustration.
Maybe people should be more careful with what they keep in their phones. I understand the fear of parents knowing that their children are waiting for Episode 3 of some sex tape. It is people’s responsibility to be on guard and keep a close eye on their gadgets.
For the love-deprived youth like myself, I can only watch and learn some things. Expressing Love does not mean you are in a political rally so do not use your mouth as a Public Address System. You girls who like shouting at your boyfriends and hubbies in WhatsApp voice notes should stop. Learn from Angela Kalule; always keep your voice down. Learn to close your eyes partially, you are not a spy. Wama you looked good Angela. Long live Angela, long live #Kokoonyo love.

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