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Things in the music industry are hard – Mun-G

He is known by his parents as Mungi Matovu Emmanuel and Mun-G by his fans. He is a superstar to many. He graces billboards and it looks like he is making a lot of money: Come up with a song – “Sala Puleesa”, record, have it played on radio big time, make a video, get a show and make money. Right? Well, easier said than done.

While on KFM’s #SuperStarFriday on D’Hook with Freddie, MUN-G revealed the hardships in the music industry. “Things are hard bro, but we hustle like in any business.

This industry is becoming too competitive, competition is healthy but more for the consumer. Now two songs a year don’t make sense anymore to our fans. You need to do back to back music. With each song now you have to do a video, which means if each video is Shs5million, (meanwhile that’s a cheap video) and you need 10 songs and videos to survive a year, that is about Shs50million a year.

That’s a lot of money and in this market getting back that investment of Shs50million means you are a super blessed man,” he said.

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