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Tamale Mirundi goes physical on air

Motor mouth Tamale Mirundi, a regular TV guest did something unusual.

Mirundi, during the NBS TV live talk show dubbed ‘one on one with Tamale Mirundi’ descended onto the moderator of the programme after he asked him to clear the air about the land title saga he’s involved in with Buganda.

The violent former presidential adviser on media affairs attacked the host Simon Muyanga Lutaaya referring to him as an idiot.

“Stop playing with my credibility. This man went (Muyanga) to Mengo and he was given money. I will beat you up if you are not careful,” he said while pointing fingers to the host.

And when Muyanga insisted on getting the answers, Mirundi got on his feet, swung the chair and almost beat him up.

And to emphasize his point, he even instructed management to get another moderator who is more sensitive. “Take this man out of here and get me someone else whom I will explain to these issues.”

Tamale Mirundi has always been hosted on the programme every Tuesday to analyze the current political affairs in the country but the debate descended into chaos when Lutaaya pressed him on his leaked land titles he acquired from Buganda Kingdom.

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