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P Diddy sued by ex-worker

P Diddy real names Sean Combs is in trouble after he was sued by his former employee known as Cindy for sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

According to Cindy Rueda who worked as a chef in Diddy’s home over the weekends from 2015 until she was put on a permanent basis, says that the musician regularly summoned her to serve him along with his other friends while they engaged in or immediately following sexual activity.

She also added that on several occasions, she would find Diddy naked and would ask her whether she liked what she was seeing.

When she had had enough of this, Cindy then reported Stacy Friend, the director of the 47-year-old rapper’s estate who decided to set her up with claims that she had stolen his golden watches.

So according to the lawsuit she either had to be fired or sign an exit agreement but the only problem was that she wasn’t supposed to say anything about her treatment at the house and when she denied this, her contract was terminated.

But according to the law, when someone’s contract is terminated, you have to fulfill some end of the bargain like being compensated and so on which they didn’t do.

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