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Nessim quits Badi Music

Producer, Nessim

Usually by this time of year, Badi Music has produced more than five hits but the studio has not had even one song. This is because the main producer, Nessim is no longer part of the label.
As we write this, we have learnt that Nessim is concentrating on his own production house known as Shot Gun Sound located in Konge at St Denis Church.
When asked why he decided to leave a label that groomed him into one of the best producers in the country, the 23-year-old Nessim, real name Isma Mukkuza, told us that it was time for him to move on. “It was time for me to move to another level of my life. Everyone needs to develop and I badly needed to,” he said.
So far, Nessim has only produced one song titled Tokendeeza by Geosteady which is yet to become a hit. Could this explain why it was A Pass who represented him during the recent Zzina Awards?
Nessim is not the only top gun to have left Badi Music. Singer Ykee Benda also left sometime back. Question is what becomes of A Pass because he and Nessim were two peas in a pod.

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