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Four One One

My wife had filed for separation but we sorted it


The last time Jose Chameleone was in the KFM studios, the radio was still called Monitor FM. That’s how hard it is to get “The Doctor’s” interview. Well, Chameleone was hosted recently by James Peterson on KFM and one of the things he said was that he wanted to clear the air on a recent story run on sQoop about Daniela Atim, his wife, filing for divorce.

“People break up every day but our break up is national talk. Last year was an inactive year so when I activated back into work mode this year, my going home times were late. One time I went home at midday from last night and she was disgusted. She told me, ‘This is not the Joseph I got married to, I got married to an organised man,’” Chameleone said.

He added: “We got into an argument and it didn’t go down so well but I want to make it clear, there was nothing like violence like what has been going around. I am not that kind of person and I don’t support violence against women. She was unhappy with my behaviours and she sought a break. She filed for a separation and wanted to take a break from me for some months to a year until I rehabilitate my lifestyle.”

The artiste said he then sat down his wife and apologised to her. “She is my wife, there’s nothing wrong with me apologising to my wife. I sat her down and we addressed the troubles and issues we had and we are back on track as a family,” he said.

Jose Chameleone and Daniella

He also spoke about why he has been quiet lately. “Well last year we had a mess of a year; it was a political year and after that everything was slow so I chose to take a break. There’s no crime in taking a break. Even schools take a break, the church closes. I am not a police station. It’s a weird culture in Uganda where people demand and force you to make music all the time. To create quality music you have to create time. That’s the reason there’s a lot of trash music being released because people are in a rush to impress. Good music takes time and for you to be in the vibe to make good music. I am past the impress stage,” the singer said.

He also gave his take on the numerous music awards that keep popping up all the time.

“Well Uganda music industry is still a young industry and people are rushing it. Some awards are authentic I guess but most are a business. Awards are given to people that have excelled. Awards are not favours. It’s not a case of I know Peterson so he wins the radio presenter of the year award. Don’t look at Sheebah Karungi in a mini skirt and give her the award. Well for her she is a good artist but to win an award you must qualify for the award, you must deserve it. Mr Bebe Cool Ssali pulled out of awards recently but if you realised I pulled out of these awards so many years ago, around 2006. I feel like big artistes like us suffocate these awards by being in them. We need to give space to the younger artistes to come through and be appreciated but at the same time these awards need to get serious because now they are losing it. These awards don’t mean a thing now. I am not dissing any of these awards but they are not worth anything to be honest.”

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