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Mourners turn Ivan’s home into a gambling area


It’s such a pity to see people grieving and emotionally hurt while some people are playing cards and shouting at the same time to the extent of beating themselves up.

This was the mood last evening at Ivan Semwanga’s home in Muyenga, two days after his passing.

On arrival, there were many cars by the road side and chances of getting lost were minimal as people were sitting and conversing by the roadside and at the entrance, a security person would ask for proper identification before accessing the house.

People were not so many but they were hanging out in groups with the biggest gambling in one corner of the compound. They staked lots of money and kept clashing over the same stakes and regarding who won or lost.

One unidentified mourner advised them to stop, but they ganged up on him and threatened to beat the daylights out of him.


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