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Madrat and Chicco to stage first duo show

Madrat and Chiko during the Africa Laughs show last year. They say they were not confident enough to perform. PHOTOS BY Abubaker Lubowa

To prove to the rest that an artiste of whichever craft has made it in life, a concert or show is one parameter to gauge how far they have reached. Almost all top comedians have held one man shows across the country. Salavado had his ‘Man from Ombokolo’ which was a sell out at Kampala Serena Hotel, Ann Kansiime had hers at Imperial Royal Hotel among others. It was only Madrat and Chicco who were still shaky about holding their own show.
Besides performing at other people’s shows, the two have been doing weekly shows in different places like Laftaz, Dinners Lounge , and others but come July 7, they will be the centre of attraction at Theatre Labonita.
The duo who rate highly among Uganda’s finest comedians are slated to have their first show as a duo at Labonita where they will be exhibiting all their best skits and new ones that haven’t yet appeared anywhere.
To some, this might be a small venue going by the fanbase they possess lately but because it’s their first show ever, it’s wise not to put their expectations so high.
We haven’t yet received more details about the show but we shall keep you posted as more details come in.

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