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I have given all Ugandan musicians time to release biscuit music- A Pass 

If this is a way of getting our attention, the reggae dance-hall artist is doing well because so far, it has worked. This seems to be a trend now with Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass, “The Teacher” like he likes to refer to himself.
If you remember, at the beginning of last year, he almost forced Flavia Tumusiime to call a stalker alert on him for his posts about her. Turns out he was using her fame and name to promote his new releases “don’t you want me” and “give me a kiss”
He caused quite a stir again on social media recently when he bragged that his new haircut cost him 2 million Uganda Shillings. Ooh Lord!

Always hungry for attention and so active on social media, he uses it to either advise or stir up some controversy. As we all know, he is a big believer in himself and says he is his number one fan. That explains why last year in November he claimed to be the greatest artiste Uganda has ever seen.
If you think his past comments and tweets are the most ridiculous you have read or heard in your lifetime, you are not alone and he is not about to be done. He is back at it. This morning he sent out two tweets suggesting in one that he has given all Ugandan musicians time to release biscuit music but the game is over. In another, he calls himself the CEO of Ugandan Music saying he will always be in charge of the music department in Uganda.

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