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Does Afrigo Band owe its fame to UBC TV?

It might sound funny but true. A guy only identified as Alfred, and who acquaintances kept referring to as ‘Head of Marketing at UBC’ insinuated that there ‘would be no Afrigo Band was it not for UBC”. This, he said during a cocktail hosted by Afrigo Band for its clients.
Alfred who was called on stage to pick a certificate of appreciation from the Band on behalf of the station had to give a short acceptance speech. His speech went on well but when he made the statement, everyone raised their eyebrows with the “it can’t be true” attitude. Others actually yelled at him saying he was lying.
He later rephrased his statement to say ‘both Afrigo Band and UBC TV have been there for many years and they have worked hand in hand to see them still in existence.’
Afrigo Band in the cocktail dinner appreciated companies which ranged from Telecom Companies, Events’ companies and Cosmetics companies among others.

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