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David Lutalo opens the battle doors

Back in the day, the only way to measure an artiste’s superiority besides having hits was to hold music battles and they played a very big role in placing artistes in their right place. Somehow, however, the trend died out and now it looks like David Lutalo wants it resurrected.
Lutalo is known to be a peaceful artiste, so instead of getting physical with his rivals, the singer is willing to battle it out on stage and this, he said while at his studio in Kabusu last Friday. We will assume his move is targeting the big artistes, Bebe Cool and Chameleone (Is he still?). You will remember that while appearing on KFM sometime this year, Bebe asked the world never to compare him to the ugly Lutalo – his words. And then last week during the Talk and Talk show on Dembe FM, Chameleone said Lutalo is a just a cat who can’t afford to battle with tigers. He advised him to try Goodlyf and King Saha who are at his level.
The last battles we had were Bebe Cool vs Bobi Wine, Chameleone vs Bobi Wine, Bobi Wine vs Goodlyf, to mention a few.

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