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Bebe Cool continues to rant about Tubonga Nawe project



Bebe Cool has clearly not gotten over the backlash he received after the 2015 Tubonga Nawe campaign that saw a group of artistes come together to support NRM candidate President Museveni who was seeking a fifth official term in office.

A year ago, on March 8th, Bebe Cool feeling the heat after fans threatened to boycott the artistes’ shows and music. blamed the Opposition for failing to keep up with NRM, instead resorting to discrimination.

“FDC failed to deal with 12 tubonga nawe musicians,to the extent that they r now resorting to discrimination, promoting of hatred and sidelining the youth who have worked hard and smart to be where they r,How can they be trusted with a whole country of estimated 41.8 million people of different tribes, religious beliefs, choices and political parties”, he posted then.

Well, a year down the road and the artiste is still ranting about those who criticised the project. Just a few minutes ago Bebe Cool posted a video from the President’s speech in an East African meeting in Tanzania questioning the development of East African artistes. In his post, Bebe Cool says it is likely the President is doing so because he spent months with the artistes on the road during the campaigns. We think it is interesting that the president spoke about artistes. We also think Bebe Cool needs to let go of the criticism he received so long ago and which many people have likely forgotten about.

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