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Afrigo’s Moses Matovu sneers at today’s kind of music

Afrigo’s Moses Matovu

When any member of Afrigo Band speaks about music, you listen. Everyone wants to know how they keep benefitting from music they recorded ages ago. During the recently held Tugende Mukikadde concert, Moses Matovu took time off to advise upcoming musicians about the art in music. “Please endeavor to produce music that will not be frowned upon. Music you will be proud of in 20 years or so later. But today you hear musicians singing ‘Owoma Owoma’, another sings Nkwatako. What is this really?” Matovu spoke in Luganda to an uproaring crowd.
Luckily, we spotted the artistes whose songs had been mentioned celebrating the legacy of musicians from yesteryear and we guess they will heed to the advice. But but… he should have mentioned that song: “Mumpale yo muli mu ki”.

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