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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: What’s wrong with buying roadside food?

One of the very many things that we can boast about as a country is the rich variety of food.
As one drives around Kampala city and its surburbs, they can see vendors of all sorts of food stuffs. From those roasting maize, different meats, to those selling fruits and vegetables.
Now you know how food has the power to weaken even the highest and mightiest of men, huh? There is a group of “feel good” peeps that love to eat this kind of food and yet they hate to brave the roadside and buy/bargain their way to enjoying these delicacies. Like many attest, there is something about these roadside things that is too good to resist.
So the other day as we drove around Kamwokya, one of the popular areas with roadside foodstuffs, a gentleman in his cool black sleek Touareg ride stopped to buy some maize. While at it, a colleague (they seemed like they knew each other from way back judging by how well they greeted each other, shouted out from the other side, catching him unawares!
In shock he tried to pretend like he was just chatting up the maize vendor and in the mix dropped the maize right in front of her, continued to chat with the colleague while entering his car and driving off.
Everyone who witnessed this scenario broke out loud in laughter. I mean some people can provide unpaid for entertainment in just a blink of an eye. So what is wrong with buying some maize by the roadside and openly enjoying it? It is food at the end of the day, right?
This business of doing things to paint a different picture from the real one is a total waste of time. It is just how you find someone walking miles until their feet swell mbu because they are too embarrassed to jump on a boda. Eyeroll I tell you! This is just beyond absurd. I think some growing up needs to happen to some people, right?

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