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Connie Tiffs

Banange life would be much easier if we tried to remain real

Listening to public conversations can be both interesting and annoying sometimes.

Annoying in the sense that one can get mad seeing others build castles in the air. The other day, while at the mall, I was startled to see a grown up man making a fool of himself in the name of keeping up appearances.
This guy walked into one of the restaurants, sat at one of the tables in the corner and asked for the menu. The impatient waitress kept passing by his table to take his order but the guy insisted he needed more time. In a few minutes, he called her out and asked, “How much is your cheapest slice of cake?”
“Shs 4,000”, the waitress responded.
The dude exclaimed and told the waitress off. Shocked that a slice of cake could cost Shs4,000 yet he could get one at Shs500 from a local kiosk.
At this point everyone at the restaurant turned around to look at this misplaced being. When he realised that he had blundered, he picked up his phone and pretended to be talking to someone. He started talking big about the number of containers he was expecting and the millions he would make from his expected spare parts sale. Unfortunately during this whole mix, the phone rang. He was faking the call. Jeeeez!
Eeeish but some people can be beyond bold. The dude left the restaurant with the tail between his legs while many murmured over what had just happened.
This man was clearly misplaced. He found himself at the wrong place and ended up struggling to keep up appearances. Although if you come to think of it, what was his problem in the first place? So what if he had found himself at an expensive restaurant whose menu he could not afford? Did he have to try so hard to fit in? Couldn’t he have walked out peacefully without causing a scene? Sometimes it helps to be comfortable in your own skin and staying true to the reality in your life.
This man did not owe anyone an explanation as he pulled a redeeming stunt by paying for the ‘expensive’ cake..
Life is much easier if we just love who we are and seize life’s pleasures with the deserving reality that not all fingers on one hand are equal hence avoid being embarrassed because we can’t have certain things like the rest of the people around us.

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