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Acute Angle

The acute angle: Don’t be like Tamale Mirundi

Controversial motor mouth Tamale Mirundi has been trending this week for another of his rants. This one though was ugly, even by Mirundi’s standards. He lost his cool while on a live political TV show, jumped out of his seat and violently attacked the host and moderator, Muyanga Lutaaya.Right there, on TV and in front of thousands of viewers. His rage stemmed from Muyanga pressing Tamale to comment on the leaked land titles he had allegedly got from Buganda Kingdom. Not having it, Mirundi descended on the visibly-calm Muyanga and accused him of being paid by the Buganda government to taint his reputation. I lost count of the number of times Mirundi called Muyanga “a fool”. To be called a fool on national television is downright wrong and embarrassing. He will go back home to a wife and children that saw their hero labelled a ‘fool’. It’s disheartening. Forget the innocent chuckle Muyanga tried to force, everything was ugly for him. Tamale went from intellectual to barbarian in a heartbeat. This guy is mental surely. He needs help.
This drama got me thinking. At what point do you walk away? You know when you are pushed to the wall. That point when you are on the brink of losing everything you ever worked for because of foolishness. At what point do you decide that it isn’t worth it? That you can walk out of an argument peacefully without starting up something. That even if you wanted to snap the neck of someone who ticked you off, you would bow out with a smile. Chances are high that few people would walk away. When hormones are raging and anger is peaking, that is when the devil decides that it is his day. Thus, you make costly errors, some of which you cannot recover from. Uncontrolled anger is very risky, I tell you. Chaps have lost careers and their lives because at that moment, they were not thinking. Now check this Mirundi man. The guy has always demanded for respect and there he is making a total mess of himself. Why? Because they touched him where it hurts most.
I often hear people say they are ‘naturally hot-tempered’. They jump at every chance to shout at an irritating boda guy or taxi. They pounce on their friends in bars, maul their girlfriends because they were born ‘animals’ and couldn’t keep it together. People will always get at you. Once a situation gets heated, you can walk away. They will call you weak but just get the hell out of there. When you learn to master the stakes in such situations, you avoid drama. Guys, if your girlfriend loves to quarrel, I know a place you can buy good earphones. Plug them in when she starts. Don’t let the words get to you. There is a lot at stake. Don’t blow it.

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