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Zari bashed for Diamond’s bad English

Socialite Zari Hassan

It is no secret that Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is dating Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz. It is also not a big secret that the singer has some trouble with the Queen’s language. So because Zari is a little better with the language, social media trolls took her on this week after her man posted some badly written English on his social media platforms. In the post, the Salome singer who has won various awards across Africa and internationally was unveiling his latest business innovation, a perfume called ‘Chibu’. We do not understand how the anger ended up in Zari’s direction but some of the attacks accused the mother of Diamond’s two children of just ‘eating’ his money instead of editing his English. How about we cut the bosslady some slack! I mean, isn’t such an award-winning person supposed to have a professional team running his social media? Diamond, spread that paper bwana!

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